C&P Vabriga olive oil

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Anton and Nivio proudly continue the production Istrian olive oil, a tradition which goes back hundreds of years. It is a special pleasure to present they are spring quality C&P Istrian extra virgin olive oils.

The "FLOS OLE" quality navel oils are made from the fruit off 3000 own Olive trees which produce 3,0 terms of extra virgin oil exclusively by the technique of cold pressing. The most distinguished olive sorts are Rosinjola os  Porec, Istrian bjelica(Bianchera istriana), Buza, Leccino and Pendolino.

Their oil are divided according to the location of The olive grove and according to its cultiver. They have won multiple awards and medals in Istria county exhibitions of extra virgin olive oils. They are considered as producers of high quality olive oil.

You can taste and buy C&P Istrian extra virgin olive oils each day in our testing area in Vabriga(individually are in groups, with an invitation).


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