Conditions of uses of pages

Conditions of uses these pages

These conditions carry off on you dostup and use of total contents these pages, as well as on the e-mail between you and

Use pages accept this conditions with the full responsibility, regardless do not give themselves are us registered user or not.

1. Presentation

Operator these pages are
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2. License

  • has been prohibited will change on the any way graphics and texts on pages

  • has been prohibited using contents without the previous approval Euro 92 d.o.o.

If otherwise has not been quoted, the all right and right on the intellectual ownership (including and database) in all materials on (including and without the limitation on photos and graphics) are the ownership or their authors. Towards this condition, use of any material from (besides those which excepts in this conditions), has been prohibited!

Stay all rights which here especially have not been quoted.
If want will use the any part of material with outside of the framework this dots, necessary is that ask our literate consent.

3. Materials of users of pages

Convince yourselves before liftings one's materials on the server, set to work on these materials do not exist alien copyrights. Euro 92 d.o.o. keeps limitlessly true uses of raised material and all data on the server: copying, distribution, this usage within and out companies, which on the server does not find from any commercial or the commercial reason.

Has been prohibited announce and carry with and on the any material which:

  • there is no the suitable permission or licenses for the use of authorial materials, and which are not alone authors

  • Has been prohibited the every abuse (including and without the limitation, hackers)

4. Web site of third parties completely fences in from contents of web sites on which waters links with the Shriek on the such link abandon pages!!!Euro 92 d.o.o. does not control contents on these pages, does not take over the responsibility for them and inresponsible to for the accuracy of these pages neither the accuracy of their contents. If have decided approach on pages which linkane with, do this on the own responsibility.

5. Responsibility

Texts and picture on our pages are work set alone, the one part we has been made available by our visitors, and the work take over from publicly available sources. In doing so the large attention have converted on the esteem of all copyrights and marking of suitable texts mark of source from which text has been taken over. If happened that some contents, are protected and have not been approved by his author, finds on our page without our knowledge, ask for that us this informs. Understandably that such contents immediately and get out of the way from our pages, if your have doubted are justified.

Tries contents our straica will hold out actual and regularly he check. However, cannot take the responsibility for the accuracy of contents, because he is not only in our jurisdiction.


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